Hello World

By Jim Diamond

As Examiner’s site continued to devolve, I became increasingly frustrated with what was once a decent sports community with some good writers, to a site that cared less and less about sports and the people who covered them. The site itself is now something I feel badly about directing people to just to read my work. Page takeovers, autoplay ads, and the “You might also like,” recommendations that usually send people to pictures of Miley Cyrus’ ass making public appearances, are not consistent with what I think people want to deal with, chief among them being me.

Thanks to all who had the patience to deal with all of that noise just to read the things I produced. You deserve better.

I have what I think is a decent story ready to go and just could not stand the idea of posting it on Examiner since I want people to actually read it. I have been kicking around the idea of launching a new site for a while, and well, here is the still under construction version.

I’m very happy to announce that I somehow talked Heather Engel into joining me in this venture. She is based in Montreal and is brilliant. Heather is a credentialed member of the Canadiens’ media.

So, the site will consist mostly of coverage of the Predators and Canadiens, but we will post on other topics as the spirit moves us. Miley Cyrus’ caboose is unlikely to be one of those topics though, well unless it shows up at a hockey rink, then we will probably have to do something on it. I hope you understand.

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