Your annual quarter pole reminder

By Jim Diamond

It seems like the 2014-15 NHL season just began, but teams are starting to edge toward 20 games played on the season already, and in the case of the San Jose Sharks, they played their 21st Tuesday night in snowy Buffalo.

With a quarter of the season almost in the books, people will begin to look at the progress of the teams they cheer for or cover to date. One reference that always seems to sneak its way into these reviews will be to that of the quarter pole.


To those unfamiliar with horse racing, the quarter pole marks the point on the racetrack that signifies one quarter of a mile remaining in the race. Since horse races are of different lengths and the finish line is at a fixed point on the track, the starting point of the race is adjusted based upon the length of each particular race.

So while we encourage the use of references to the sport of kings, please save the quarter pole ones until game 61 or so. Right now, go with quarter point or quarter mark.

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