Bridgestone Arena is now a Gary Glitter-free building

By Jim Diamond

Peter Laviolette was brought to Nashville in part because of his ability to coach offense. If that bears fruit when the puck drops on the 2014-15 NHL season in early October, the ears of fans at Bridgestone Arena will be filled with the sounds of the team’s goal song more times than in previous seasons.

As in year’s past, that goal song will start out with a customized version of Tim McGraw’s “I Like it, I Love it,” before transitioning into the Black Keys’ “Gold on the Ceiling.” The latter replaces the part that contained Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll Part 2.”

Embed from Getty Images

For years, media – this reporter included – and fans have been calling for the team to cut ties with anything and everything related to Glitter, who has twice been convicted of horrific acts against children; once for possession of child pornography and another for child sexual abuse.

The decision has been made, and it was the correct one.

“We try to take as much input from our fans as we can get, whether it be new food items, clubs, goal celebrations, merchandise items, and a lot of our fans gave us some input in this area, so of course we wanted to look at it,” Predators president and chief operating officer Sean Henry said. “But even if we had zero input from our fans, a lot of people have a tough time just stepping up and saying, ‘This is wrong.’ Being associated with someone like that was just wrong. It was wrong for us so we wanted to make a change. It’s great that I think our fans are going to embrace it for all the right reasons.”

The NFL banned the use of the song at its stadiums many years ago, and it is kind of a head-scratcher to think that the NFL leads the way in anything related to a moral compass, but bravo Predators for making the right call.

“You don’t want to be associated with someone who is guilty of the worst thing, and I think he is,” Henry said.

Perfectly put, Mr. President.  


  1. Bing Crosby….child abuse….and yet, do you still hear “White Christmas”?
    As a traditional fan and season ticket-holder, a little pissed. Unnecessary alteration to the delight of persons whose sensibilities cannot handle the words “suck” or “hell”. (Insert George Carlin here)

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